Pollutants Testing

Gujarat Testlab has an excellent infrastructure and other resources of an Environment Testing Lab in India. The environment has been the top agenda for governments, NGOs, civil society and citizens in the recent past and will continue to trend. It ought to be a safe environment is a pre-requisite for good health and quality of life. Gujarat Testlab is committed to delivering the highest quality of testing, analysis services with accuracy and precision in a set time frame. Our laboratory is a leader in this field of Pollutants Testing with a legacy of more than 30 years. During the journey, we observed the growing importance of environmental issues in business decision-making, as well as in legislation, standards, and regulations. As a result, no business or any other entity can afford to take the environment for granted.

Our services include ambient air testing, emission monitoring, source emissions, stack gases & VOC sampling service to measure the atmospheric pollutants. The parameters include tracing of Benzene, Heavy metals, Hydrogen Sulphide, Oxygen, etc. Our Environment Testing Lab at Gujarat Testla undertakes emission measurement in a difficult environment where factories are producing paints, plastics, printing inks and adhesives that give rise to excessive stack emission. The Pollutants Testing facility also includes noise level testing. We evaluate noise pollution in numerous dimensions depending on the purpose and place of the evaluation. Our advanced equipment to test the water with microbiological impurities has been impressive as well. Following strict guidelines for quality assurance, we provide in-depth microbiological analysis of water and other liquids as per FDA standards and other standards as per requirement.