• Our Quality

Our Quality

Q U A L I T Y   P O L I C Y   St a t e m e n t


       We at GUJARAT LABORATORY are committed to achieve customer satisfaction & continual improvement by:

Involving our customer’s consideration in our development and will provide our Services focusing on 

Efficiency, Trade and Value.

             We will manage, maintain & integrate process oriented Quality System to:


-         facilitate achievement of objectives

-         monitor results and take corrective & preventive actions based on performance standards

and customer’s opinions.

-         Provide factual information for management decisions and to drive Continual improvement.



Promote such a system that helps in overall Growth & development of the organization & Employees's effectiveness as whole so that we shall be able to work efficiently & effectively.


   Assure the integrity and independence of ourservices by compliance with the

ISO/IEC 17025 : 2005