Sugar & Sugar Products

Sugar & Sugar Products

Sugar & Sugar Products

Sugar and Sugar Product Testing

Sugar and Sugar Product Testing is the fortress of GujaratLaboratory catering to the needs of Indian foodand beverage industry. Added or natural sugar isan integral part of the food we consume on a dailybasis, and without sugar, the majority ofthem will become tasteless. However, the balance of sugar should be maintainedin order to keep it safe to consume. To facilitate the same, Gujarat Laboratoryhas an unmatched infrastructure of the Sugar Product testing laboratory. Ourwell-equipped lab and highly qualified people have been the right hand of the industry,authorities and individuals. We are adept in conducting sugar product testslike honey, molasses, cane sugar and various other agriculture produce as perthe desired standards. These tests include adulteration analysis, polarisation,reducing sugar content, measuring Glucose, fructose and sucrose content, etc.

Gujarat laboratory and its facilities like Sugar and SugarProduct Testing are certified. The Sugar Product testing laboratory is lending itsprime support to agricultural produce of sugar aswell. The spectrum of parameters we cover under sugar analysis for agricultural sector is very broad. We analyse chemicalparameters (like color, grain size, Sulphur, sediment, etc.), microbiological parameters(like Mesophilic bacteria, Yeast & Moulds, Thermophilic AcidophilicBacteria (TAB), Guaiacol producing TAB & Pathogen), heavy metals, pesticideresidue and nutritional facts.

We provide the testing services for Sugar & Sugar Products as per Food Safety & Standards Regulations and as per the Indian Standards

1. Major Services

2. Chemical Analysis

3. Pesticide Residues

4. Trace Element Analysis

5. Vitamins

6. Nutritional Value Analysis

7. Microbiological Analysis