Cosmetic Testing Lab in India

Gujarat Testlab has an excellent Cosmetic testing lab in India. The Laboratory performs cosmetic product analysis to help manufacturers, consumers, authorities, and distributors to ensure that the products meet quality standards and comply with the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) guidelines. The Lab testing for cosmetic products is used for identifying the active ingredients in personal care products including preservatives, vitamins, and sunscreens. Cosmetics products are made by mixing various chemicals. These chemicals may be natural or artificially produced. The composition may cause any reaction to our body. With Lab testing, producers can make these products as a neutral to human skin.

With more than 34 years of experience, Gujarat Teatlab is the state of the art Cosmetic testing lab in India accredited by FSSAI, APEDA, Govt. of India and more. An independent and well-equipped testing facility can perform tests like pH value, Preservative efficacy testing, Sterility testing, Real-time stability study, particle size uniformity and/or particle agglomeration, viscosity, texture flow, estimation of active ingredients, skin irritation tests, and other test-based over manufacturer specifications. The purpose of Lab testing for cosmetic products is to ensure that a new or modified product should meet the intended physical, chemical, and microbiological chemical composition. Moreover, it should also comply with quality standards as well as functionality and aesthetics. The testing would also reveal how to treat, store and apply the products and under what conditions.