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Oils & Fats

Oils & Fats

Oils and Fats Testing Laboratory

We consume oil and fats in various forms. Gujarat Laboratory is the state of art Oils and Fats Testing Laboratory in India to keep a check on the various products and agriculture produce. Consumption of healthy oil and fats in a balanced diet is always good for health. It ensures the supply of energy within the body by managing adequate reserves for same. Oils and fats also help in maintaining body temperature and keep it in function. We offer range of Chemical Test for Fats and Oils in products to determine their quality and properties as per the standards. Be it animal feeds, soaps, cooking oil or any other blend, the presence of natural or artificial oil and fats are unavoidable. Before these consumer foods go to public, their producers and the authorities would like to check and ensure the safety of its consumption. The test reports from laboratories are also important to food producers as it helps in disclosing the full nutritional value and contents over the packaging. Gujarat Laboratory is accredited by FSSAI, BIS, AGMARK, and APEDA.

Not only food products, but cosmetics are also a rich source of oils and fats that our body needs to deal with on daily basis. Our scientists, researchers, and staff at Oils and Fats testing Laboratory are adept in composition, characteristics, and regulations for oils and fats to assess their suitability and safety of usage. Our comprehensive Chemical Test for cosmetics include test of color, viscosity, density, acid index, peroxide, index, sterol fraction, Dry extract, odor, Fatty acid composition, Solubility in isopropanol, etc. Gujarat Laboratory performs Chemical Test for Fats and Oils including specific analytics to establish the quality and authenticity of products (like oxidation parameters, free fatty acids, oxidative stability, etc.), their sensory evaluation (like refined and virgin oils, expert assessments, synchronization, basic descriptive analysis), testing of residues and contaminants in products (organic & inorganic contaminants, mycotoxins, pesticides), and more.

We provide the testing services for Oils & Fats Analysis as per Food Safety & Standards Regulations and as per the Indian Standards by performing the following:

1. Chemical Analysis

2. Pesticide Residues

3. Trace Element Analysis

4. Food Additives

5. Vitamin A & D2

6. Microbiological Analysis