Pesticide Residue

Pesticide Residue Analysis

The need of a Pesticide Testing Laboratory has been high as ever. Chemicals and pesticides have surrounded our daily lives which are affecting our health and increasingly unsettling the natural ecosystem. There are guidelines in place now to push the companies towards being environment-friendly and follow due diligence by doing Pesticide Residue Analysis for their food and packaging. Gujarat Testlab provides the state of art Pesticide Residue Testing facility in the state of Gujarat.

We are a certified Pesticide Testing Laboratory in Ahmedabad. Gujarat Testlab provides reliable and genuine Pesticide Residue Analysis with technologically advanced equipment and adept experts. Our Ahmedabad Pesticide Residue Testing facility adept in analyzing environmental samples like water, soil, etc. and food samples like milk, milk by-products, vegetables, fruits, dry fruits, packaged food, field crops, etc.

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