Water Testing Lab

Water Testing Lab

Water testing Lab

Water is equalizing to life. It is the first requirement for every life on earth, hence it has to be pure, fresh and free of all harmful chemicals and pesticides. The earth has an abundance of water, but unfortunately, only a small percentage of about 0.3 percent, is usable by humans. It is the scarcity of drinking water that haunts all of us. To address the issues of water purity, Gujarat Laboratory has established a separate & specialized division for water analysis. It is one of the best and state of the art water testing lab that can analyse all sorts of water for home or industrial usage. The lab assures that the quality of water shouldn’t get compromised irrespective of its usage.

Water is used for different purposes with various chemical or mineral composition depending upon the requirements. For the composition and purity, each body of water needs to be analyzed at regular intervals to confirm its suitability for the purpose.

Types of Water Test

Water testing is done as per methods prescribed by respective authorities. For drinking water, BIS for all types of water. The lab for water testing understands the importance of the respective purity of the water for human & industrial consumption. The water testing lab knows the importance of minerals like Magnesium, calcium, and potassium for human health. Minerals contribute to strong teeth, bones, healthy skin and hair. They are also very important for the growth and development of the body. Gujarat laboratory has the state of art facility to test the drinking water as per prescribed quality standards. Simultaneously, water used for industrial purposes should be compatible with machines. Hence Gujarat laboratories can serve you with following types of water tests:

1) Packaged Drinking Water as per BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) IS 14543:2016

2) Packaged natural mineral water as per BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) IS 13428:2005

3) Water Analysis as per WHO Guidelines

4) Waste Water as per GPCB / CPCB Guidelines

In all this forms of Water testing, we at Gujarat laboratory do a different testing as,

  • Chemical analysis to identify and quantify the chemical components and properties of water samples. The type and sensitivity of the analysis depend on the purpose of the analysis and the anticipated use of the water. 

  • Pesticide residues in surface water and sediments are extremely important because of their potential impacts on aquatic ecosystems and their implications on drinking water sources. Pesticide contamination of freshwater is causing concern with respect to long-term and low-dose effects of pesticides on public health, as well as their impact on no target species.

  • Trace Element Analysis, The concentrations of trace elements in our drinking water affect its safety and acceptability for use. In the Gujarat laboratory, we assure that water has a balance of trace elements in drinking water.

  • Microbiology Analysis, It represents one aspect of water quality. The microbiological analytical procedure uses samples of water and from these samples determines the concentration of bacteria.

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