Milk Testing

Milk Testing

Milk Testing

Milk has been enjoyed throughout the world. We all know that milk is a good source of calcium and protein. Apart from these, it is an excellent source of vitamins and minerals, potassium, B12, and omega 3. Milk; being a primary source of calcium, protein, and potassium; is also beneficial to maintain healthy bone structure. A large number of studies present in public domain suggests that the consumption of milk and dairy products reduces the risk of fractures and prevent osteoporosis. With numerous health benefits, milk is a versatile ingredient that can be added to human diet in a number of ways. Milk is important from humans but in today’s world milk adulteration has become a global concern. Unfortunately, milk is can be easily adulterated throughout the world. Hence, before you trust your vendor, a thorough Milk Testing should be done. The testing will let you know any chemical impurities that the milk may have.

It is important to understand that milk can be contaminated in many ways. Even when cows were fed with productivity boosters, their milk does not remain as useful and healthier as it should be. Moreover, there are numerous practices we read about in newspapers daily that produce artificial milk. Basic testing of milk done can be at home as well. It will only tell you whether the milk is pure or not.

Milk slip test: Put a single drop of milk on a clean vertical surface. If it stops or flows slowly, leaving a white trail behind, it is pure and fresh milk. Milk mixed with water or another chemical will flow down immediately without a trace.

Milk Testing Lab

The method mentioned above is the basic one to check the adulterant ingredients of milk at home. But in current scenario milk or dairy product adulterant ratio is very high so it is important to get quality milk testing by certified food testing laboratory. By the testing at a laboratory, you will get sure that milk, you are consuming is pure and free from harmful chemicals. Moreover, the milk testing lab would let you know about all the impurities or adulteration that you cannot trace at your home. Gujarat laboratory is state of the art laboratory in India. The lab can serve you a proven test for your milk by the various methods of milk testing of:

1) Chemical analysis

2) Pesticide residues

3) Trace elements

4) Vitamins testing

5) Microbiology analysis

All these methods are proven methods and at the Gujarat laboratory, they are performed with precision. The lab is well equipped to test milk and all other dairy products testing. With these proven methods and more you can be assured of the quality of your milk which you are consuming in the daily routine. Be sure that what is being consumed should be non-adulterated and chemical-free. Further, we provide reports in standardized formats. For more information about the testing of milk and dairy products, get in touch with Gujarat Laboratory now.




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